Creating multi laser scenes in Moncha

Let’s be honest, laser show with one or two lasers is not interesting for clients anymore. The prices of the lasers have dropped a lot last few years, so it’s a lot easier to start using many lasers in your shows. The real problem is, how to create nice content for multi laser shows.

Latest Moncha provides a lot of nice tools, how to improve your laser shows:


The multi laser scene in Moncha is the basic tool you can use to create scenes for many lasers. It allows you to assign different effects to every laser output:

Multi-laser scene

Pic: Multi laser scene allows you to select multiple laser outputs (using Ctrl and mouse click) and then assign existing scenes to these outputs


The start time allows you to set different start time for every laser output separately. This is a great tool to create time-shifted scenes, which look a lot more impressive than standard “one effect for every laser” scenes.

Time offset for laser output

You can define start time for every single laser output. Amazing time-shifted effects can be achieved like this.


You can use Ctrl key to select multiple laser outputs to assign effects faster. And you can use mouse wheel to change the start time value to set the time shift for every laser faster.

Multi laser scene example

Pic: Now that’s multi laser show :) …


The multi laser scene is a great tool to create amazing multi laser scenes in just a few seconds. It’s an easy tool, but very powerful. And thanks to visualization you can immediately see the results. Please guys, no more ILDA-splitter-like multi laser scenes!