Typical Laser Show Problems

You would expect, the final adjustments of the laser show will just require some little changes like “move this beam a little bit up” or “change the size of this circle a little bit”. Well, maybe in the perfect world …

It takes a lot of effort perfecting the laser show


But we live in a real world. If you’ve ever created laser show for more lasers, I’m sure you always thought, oh how great it will be, when I finally play it on lasers. And usually – it’s not.

You might be surprised (or you might think, I’m an amateur), but quite often I change more than 50% of the scenes when I finally see them on lasers.

The thing is, the show looks different when you see it on lasers. The amazing complicated effects you’ve created for a long time looks like a big mess when you play them on lasers. You find out, it’s a lot better to use simple line instead of that great multi-level wave.

Lot of great scenes help us sell the software, but don’t actually 
look good when displaying on laser output



Color balance settings in Moncha

Another problem is the colors of lasers. I know the two 3-5W RGB machines can be like two eggs – same color, same fades. But unfortunately for 20W machines, you can actually rent from someone, this is not always the truth. Usually, you get bad fades on some color channels, different color balances (e.g. you must set green to 50% of the power to achieve nice white color balance, but you lose intensity) and a lot of other problems. And suddenly the great color changing effects turns to a big color mess with mostly “greenish” white. And while maybe no one from the audience will notice, you will.



The picture might be great for my Facebook profile,
but from technical point of view – the laser color balance is far from good.


One more issue you must typically take care about is the safety. There are two solutions to safety – use brightness maps in the software or set the positions of your lasers to not hit the audience.


We’ve used 20W machines for Pakistan show. And we really don’t do audience scanning with these, because it’s dangerous. The problem when using brightness maps is, they typically cut your nice scenes. In my experience with big shows, it’s better to adjust the position of the drawing area to not hit the audience. And then I go through all the scenes I use in the show and move the positions a little lower. This way your nice wave is not cut and you can still use high-power beams in your scenes.



Brightness maps


All these problems I encountered in Pakistan. Most of the effects were not so great as I thought they’ll be. And most of the effects I had so simplified to look good.

In the next part, we’ll check, what can actually help you, when doing the final adjustments of the laser show.