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System requirements

  • PC with 1000 Mhz or higher processor (1.5 Ghz and more recommended)
  • 512 MB of RAM (1024 and more recommended)
  • 100 MB of disk space
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64bit)
  • Direct X 9.0c or higher installed
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Fiesta 2 USB

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System requirements

  • PC with 1000 Mhz or higher processor (1.5 Ghz and more recommended)
  • 512 MB of RAM (1024 and more recommended)
  • 100 MB of disk space
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64bit)
  • Direct X 9.0c or higher installed
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Fiesta.NET version history

2.2.27 (27.5.2010)

Note: Please install the latest version of Direct X 9.0c before using this upgrade! Go to Microsoft Direct X download page.

  • Possibility to dock device window horizontally
  • Multi Language support - now English, Japanese and Slovak version is available
  • MIDI input save properties fixed
  • Enthanced performace especially for MIDI Controllers
  • Fixed crashes when using Midi out devices
  • Fixed blank for paused effects



2.2.26 (10.5.2010)

  • Channels performance increased (no more glitches)
  • Fixed Audio synchronizer - no more delay while playing show and no more random jumps
  • Fixed scanrate change for ILDAShow generator
  • Fixed blank settings automatic save/load
  • Now it's possible to set zero values for channels used in DMX Playbacks also
    It's good to "Generate DMX even if Laser is Off"
  • Possibility to set repeat count for DMX courses - good e.g. for
    smoke machines


2.2.25 (2.2.2010)

  • DMX Playbacks - perfect way to operate your smoke machines, water screens or simple DMX-controlled lights directly from Fiesta main panel; you can even combine DMX scenes with these playbacks!
  • Audio synchronizer - when playing from position or from beginning, audio is closed first; prevents random jumps, also, some mp3 files could not be played before, now it's fixed
  • Animation generator behaves correctly while negative animation speed
    is used
  • Removed last empty ILDA frame when using ILDA Show image generator
  • Relative timing for ILDA Show image generator - perfect for shows or
    loop animations
  • Possibility to invert X and Y for SD-ILDA, Jukebox, Cubox and ILDA export
  • Fixed editor settings saving for brightness map and superblank
  • Highlite points now doesn't makes the first point so bright as before
  • Possiblity to enable virtual device settings to preview
  • Fixed bug in Demo director - sometimes it crashed while saving
  • Possiblity to resize events in show from start


2.2.24 (16.9.2009)

  • Possiblity to recolour image to selected colour in Colour balance page of laser colour optimization - ideal for adjusting the colours
  • LaserMatrix - while it moves all points to center, curved segments are converted to linear
  • ColourChanger - possiblity to make hard colouring for points
  • Faster loading of big ild files
  • Superblank now works in full resolution, with Ctrl down you can resize and move areas more precise
  • If more devices are connected, but none is assigned to virtual devices, it automatically assigns them
  • Fiesta.NET device names are fully visible in demo director now
  • Fixed occasional crash of Fiesta.NET on some computers
  • Fixed problem with 2 master Fiesta.NET devices connected - now you can disconnect any of them and Fiesta will continue working!


2.2.23 (20.8.2009)

  • Fixed DMX Out hang for Showtacle USB DMX device
  • Fiesta.NET doesn't stop drawing, while device is disconnected
  • Fixed possiblity to assign one DMX out device to multiple universes
  • Fixed LaserMatrix movements ESC press - dialog has disappeared
  • Possibility to select more movements in LaserMatrix fixed
  • DMX IN Y invert fixed
  • Keyboard works correctly in Mirrors trasformation now


2.2.22 (5.8.2009)

  • Fixed DMX IN load hang
  • Default shape for basic shapes is circle now (safer than point)
  • Fixed Fiesta scrollbar left and right button click
  • If last frame of ILDA file is empty (blank), it's skipped
  • Current workspace file displayed in main window
  • Fiesta.NET searcher shows Master/Slave at every device


2.2.21 (6.7.2009)

  • Possiblity to run DMX without laser enabled
  • Export to Jukebox - positions are maintained when exported
  • Fixed advanced text generator - Z axis was set to value different to 0
  • Fixed blank problem on small-point circles
  • Default number of points for basic shapes is now 100
  • Fixed rotation X and Y in virtual device settings (it was not working correctly
    for 3D scenes)
  • Bitmap remove works for Brightness map transformation
  • Brightness map editor for Brightness map transformation - cancel works correctly
  • Memory leaks fixed while show panel redraw
  • Fixed red time line display in show - could happen, the line was not drawn entirely
  • In USB version red square is not displayed on virtual device anymore
  • Fixed "stop show" bug - after some workspace has been loaded while show
    was playing, the play button remained active
  • USB version laser drawing should not interrupt GUI anymore (better performance)
  • Angle change in Color changer set to 11,25 while using mouse wheel
  • Fixed export to SD-Player - Y inverted and now the size used by Fiesta USB (or Ethernet) is maintained
  • Fixed bug in color balance - this could be seen only on lasers with very good linearity; if you fade from e.g. white cyan to white blue, there would be jump on one place, now it is completely fixed
  • Fixed bugs in LaserMatrix curve editor - move position has not moved the control points of Bezier curve and also the movement of last point to first has not maintained relative position of last segment's left control point
  • Fixed position X range in LaserMatrix settings


2.2.19 (3.6.2009)

  • DMX IN control - now you can control Fiesta! 2 with any DMX controller
  • Automatic MIDI start - MIDI keyboard or MIDI knobs are started automatically while loading Fiesta
  • SuperBlank feature - protect your cameras from laser beams
  • Variable duration in Demo mode, effects don't repeat when using random
  • LaserMatrix new features: point position indicators, move all points to one, fixed maximal duration of LaserMatrix laser show (was 24 minutes)
  • Laser Show JukeBox export
  • Better Windows Vista support (+ nicer icons on desktop)
  • Many little bugs fixed ...


2.2.7 (31.07.2008)

-Increased performance, especially while using more lasers
-New banks of effects and animations

2.2.6 (24.07.2008)

-Fixed some DMX bugs
-Nicer icons in show panel
-Hotkey 'Enter' plays show from current line position. Now it can be pressed anywhere(not only over show window)
-Start/stop/select show using MIDI
-Fixed MIDI Feedback, now, it works correctly with BCF2000

2.2.3 (11.07.2008)

-DMX output with multiple universes!
-If you asked for store workspace at exit, while the button Cancel is pressed in
save file dialog, Fiesta closes - fixed
-Save effect/bank failure displays warning
-Changed colour dialogs
-Fixed synchronizer settings display - sometimes it gets frosted
-Optimized drawing

2.1.0 (18.04.2008)

-Auto tracing
-LaserMatrix support
-SD-ILDA Player export
-Fixed export to ILDA - illegal letters:
'/', '?', '<', '>', '\\', ':', '*', '|', '\"'
from effect name were removed
-Use default(white) color, when importing ild and some non-standard color is used
-';' to invert animation on virtual devices. ''' to invert LaserMatrix direction
-Fixed bug with Mirror transformation - when used on 2 devices at once,
selected mirror has been applied on both transformations
-Clean workspace - remove effects unused in shows

2.0.14 (26.11.2007)

-Device settings now are not applied to preview

2.0.13 (19.11.2007)

-Fixed Fiesta! 2 USB blanking problem

2.0.12 (12.11.2007)

-Added new image generator - Advanced text - arabic scrolling text support
-Possibility to change banks with Shift + F1-F10
-User/Administrator mode for "party administrators"
-Demo mode - possibility to run for n-minutes and don't run for m-minutes


-Hardware key status in status bar
-Highlight points multiplier
-Key framer curves Y size lowered(to see all the curves)
-Fixed device size influence on shows
-Fiesta 2 USB drivers added to installation!


-Changed version to 3 numbers only
-Showtacle Fiesta! 2 USB device support
-Ask while adding device
-Ask while Move/Copy/Switch effects
-Effect is selected in bank too, when left click on effect in show
-Draw bank name of effect in show
-Display names in device list in demo mode
-Display names in device list in show line devices, double click to select only one device to draw into
-Display shortcuts in menu for edit effect and device
-Ask for show name and index when adding show
-RGB color cube MIDI controllable
-Check recolor using MIDI
-Select faders with MIDI
-Fixed hang when checking hardware key by export to ILDA, Cubox, ...
-Fixed Morphing fader when morphing from/to empty effect
-Fixed brightness change bug - while controlling all devices, it changed the brightness to 56; if other device was clicked, brightness moved to 55
-Fixed Mirror transformation bug - after step was removed, list of the mirrors of step didn't refreshe
-Sorted texts in transformation/image generator choose dialog
-Select transformations/image generators in choose dialog with keyboard (press first letter)
-Minimal size of area in brightness editor decreased
-When adding new bank, user is able to set name and position
-Uniform size in effect properties
-Recolour in virtual device real time drawing attributes fixed - colouring according maximal colour (to keep shading)
-Default mirror size set to 10
-Midi scan rate control fixed to range 10% to 100%
-Mirror speed can be controlled with channels
-Don't ask for Copy/Move effects to empty effect
-Midi director - possibility to assign scan rate change (to 30 and 100%) to key
-Fixed bug; while loading ild and ldf frames, no names were displayed in frame list

-Brightness map editor
-Grid and rectangle test pattern
-Open GL laser visualization
-Higher curve resolution in Key framer
-Text color
-Pause blinking
-Paste of transformation at the end, while no transformation is selected
-Rename node added in menu for editing effect nodes
-Ctrl, shift by device position + possibility to move x and y axis at once
-Set position using keyboard on virtual device settings dialog and usb settings dialog
-Bank names displayed in Demo director
-Reset, copy, paste curve in key framer
-Open fader (create image from the first to the last point)
-Added position of palette point in Colour Changer, 'delete' key deletes point
-Fixed transfer time control from MIDI (inversed)
-Fixed moving transformations in transformation list
-Preview offset for effects (use CTRL + mouse wheel in banks to set preview offset)
-Scan rate for effects is working correctly (also in show) - lowest scan rate takes precedence
-Selected transformation remains selected after changing order transformations + pasted transformation is automatically selected
-Logarithmic MIDI controller on transfer time
-Mirrors transformation(perfect for Mirrors)
-Fixed wrap bug
-Scan rate added to key framer
-Drag&Drop files on effect panel
-ILDA file load fixed; if there is less than 50 frames, it loads them automatically, if more it displays load dialog
-MIDI out director
-Recolour in real-time drawing attributes
-Fixed virtual device size & position, added clip to virtual device size
-Improved splash screen